Free Visitor Management & Gatekeeper Security App

Get Visitor Management Application for FREE!!


Follow Below steps:
1. Install Neighbium application.
2. In the App Dashboard, go to left menu from top left corner of the screen.
3. Click on ‘Society Settings‘.
4. Go to License Tab.
5. Below the ‘Purchase License‘ button, click on ‘Got Coupon? Click Here‘.
6. Enter the Coupon code and click Ok.
Refer Knowledge Center Article

What Visitor Management & Gatekeeper Security Application Do?

Capture visitor photos along with the visitor details like Name, Flat to visit, purpose, vehicle number, entry gate, entry time, visitor address etc.
  • App Auto-fill the details of frequent visitors.
  • Search and fetch visitor information instantly.
  • Call Residents directly from the app.
  • Conduct analysis/reporting of visitor data quickly and easily.
  • Get instant notification on your mobile, when a visitor entered your society premises.

Join the most awaited App to stay connected with your Society association for every news, events and service.

Neighbium web app dashboard