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Apartment Management

Apartment Document Repository

Vendor Management

Member Management

Staff Management with Biometric Support

Staff Management with Face Recognition

Society Billing & Collection

Society Accounting

Payment Gateway

Society Notice

Society Communication

Society Chat Groups

Connected Societies

Alerts and Notifications


Resident to Resident Intercom Calling

Gatekeeper to Resident Intercom Calling

Society Policies

Inventory Management

Society Helpdesk

Facility Booking

Vehicle Management

Society Polls

Gatekeeper / Visitor Management

24x7 Knowledgebase Support

Email Support

Premium Support


Lifetime Free


One Payment Collection schedule

Add One Bank Account.

Balance Sheet on Year End Only.


One Notice Per Month

Max 5 Chat Groups

Automated Monthly Schedule Report.

Year End Financial Report.




  • Service Tax will be charged at applicable rates.
  • Rates, Discounts and other pricing policies are subject to change at the sole descresion of the company.
  • Clients are free to upgrade their plans at any time of their choice with no extra cost.


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