6 steps to get your own white label Society Management App

White label software and services are a great way for builders or facility management companies to expand their offering. This can lead to increases in revenue and profits, as well as the opportunity to bring in new customers.

Builders & Facility managers who uses white label society management App platform like Neighbium, just need to focus on selling and marketing the product; Neighbium does the legwork of completing the task of developing the software.

If you are thinking about reselling society management software to your client with your own branding, you are at the right place.
Neighbium launches Society Apps Club that will enable urban local bodies which includes housing societies such as RWA, CHS or Builders, Facility Management Integrated, security companies to completely digitize their ecosystem with their own branding.

6 steps to get your own white label Society Management App

Create an Account with Neighbium and test all the features.
Provide your App name and logo.
Test the customized Brand App with your App name and logo.
Provide Apple and Google developers account information.
Let our developers do their 30 days* magic.
Get the White label App on App store waiting for you!

Neighbium vs Custom development

Custom Development Neighbium
❌ Coding skills highly recommended ✅ No coding required
❌ Can get a very low quality app ✅ Well tested by over 2000 properties
❌ Need to hire different people for iOS/Android/Web ✅ You’re getting Web and iOS/Android apps  –  all managed from the same admin panel
❌ Takes 24-36 month to build ✅ Takes app 30 days to build and launch
❌ Starts at $50 000 ✅ One-time fee $2999

What to consider in white-label society management solutions

Mobile apps are a huge value-offer to add to your store, but building client apps require high-quality custom development work. When you select Neighbium, you shall expect following services:

  • 100% custom app development for clients
  • Progress reports with drafts, and early versions of the app to review
  • Thorough QA testing on every release
  • Continued support once app is live in the Apple and Google Play stores
  • All bug fixes are resolved within 24 hours

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