A new version of the Neighbium Application Released on 6th April 2021

Dear Member,

Greetings from Neighbium!

We have released the new version of the App today with an improved User interface of Manage Staff section, more Powerful Helpdesk and members section along with newly added enhancements and bug fixes.

Below features and enhancements are added in the Neighbium release:

  • All new manage staff interface with a better look.
    To access the section, click on Staff Tile from the home screen.
  • All new member view interface.
    To access the section, go to the home screen and click on directory and then select the member from the list
  • All new helpdesk sections to cater to new client requirements.
    To access the section, click on society help-desk from the home screen.
  • All-new flat and block pickers in the visitor entry section to tackle multiple blocks and flats.
    To access, go to visitor management –> Visitor entry –> Flat selection picker.
  • Added new feature of auto-assign tickets to staff. To auto assign select help-desk category for staff/society member/vendor. Auto-assign is always balanced based on the current load of staff/member/vendor.
  • Tackle the issue of duplicate society created mistakenly by resident of the society.
  • Fix: Added Role on Staff listing when you click on Manage Staff.
  • Fix: Staff Id based search in Staff picker dialog while marking staff IN/OUT.
  • Fix: New Flat ordering algorithm. e.g B10 should come after B9. Previously B10 is coming after B1.
  • Set minimum defaulter amount from Bill Settings
  • Fix: Not able to save ledger balances after using Fill From Last Year menu option of Ledger Balance UI
  • A new flat picker is added for visitor Entry, Staff flat list, help desk ticket.
  • Fix: Not able to call a flat member from the flat view member list
  • Enhancement: System shall carry forward ledger balance to next year automatically when the previous year changes. Please note, Income over Expenditure balance still require FY close to carry forward