Child Security for Gated Community

Kids are naughty and they love adventure and this may lead them anywhere – even beyond the secure environment of your Gated Community. All it takes is momentary negligence on the part of the security for kids to sneak out and be in a vulnerable situation. But now any more with Neighbium!

We make sure that their security is not compromised even as they enjoy their freedom! Neighbium Child Security feature provides real-time information to the parents when their children step outside the main gate of their gated community.

Not only children but sometimes we don’t want our elders to step outside the society without permission due to their health issues etc. Now with Neighbium, you shall get notifications once your family member exit out of society gate.

Key Features of Our Child Security System

  1. Get notified when the child or flat member attempts to go past the society gate.

  2. Guarantees a high level of security for your child and members.

  3. Control when and for whom you want to get the notification.

Steps to Configure the child security:

  1. Go to the My Flat section by clicking on your flat number from the home screen.

  2. Click on members Tile.

  3. Select the member from the list. (Add your child to your flat if not already added)

  4. Enable Notify family members for society entry and exit.

  5. Select the member from the list who wants the notification when the selected member exit or enter the society gate.