A new version of the Neighbium Application Released on Jan 24 2022

Dear Members,

Greetings from Neighbium!

We have released the new version of the App on Jan 24, 2022 with more powerful Accounts and Billing system, along with new enhancements in the Visitor Management, Polls, Patrolling and Chat modules. Further strength is added to the Logging system to make it more significant, besides minor bug fixes.

Below features and enhancements are added in the Neighbium release:


  • Added filter in expenses section of Accounts. vendor, type, active/pending, date range filters.
  • Added list of recently selected dates to Date range picker dialog useful while downloading Income/Expense and other reports.
  • Amount field in payout report is now number type instead of string.
  • Expense paid on should be same as invoice date by default
  • Enhancement: Show parent bill ledger entries when View Ledger Entries menu option selected for Refund or Partial payment.

2.Billing & Payment Schedule

  • Need bulk invoice approval. Added to menu of Payment Collection. Download template with current invoices. user fill details, mark then upload
  • Enhancement: Auto delete partial payment when main bill amount reduced and made equal to partial payment.
  • Added feature to send bill reminder to only defaulters. Payment Collection > Pending Bills > Send Reminder from menu
  • Support over payment in accept payment amount against a bill
  • Enhancement: added dynamic variable picker in edit/create schedule with invoice item name. It display Month name against item name in the bill.
  • Enhancement: Added new dynamic variable {flatArea}
  • Enhancement: Do not count deleted schedule for max policy check while creating new schedule. Auto dereference deleted schedules after 3 years.
  • Enhancement: System will recover deleted bill in Pending state if no advances available to restore in Approved state.
  • Enhancement: Hide Pay from advances button after payment is received for a specific bill.
  • Enhancement: Allow Revert to pending for payment group. This will make all child payments pending and remove the group
  • Enhancement: Comment in refund dialog
  • Enhancement: Account adjustment in refund
  • Enhancement: Added discount and partial handling in schedule payments status
  • Enhancement: Added menu option in View schedule to create duplicate schedule
  • Enhancement: Allow resident to change bill status to Pending from Pending Verification
  • Enhancement: Resident can change the billing details while the bill is in Pending Verification state
  • Enhancement: searchable ledger picker while creating/editing payment schedule

3. Visitor Management

  • Enhancement: Allow gatekeeper to change language of app from User Settings, without changing system language.
  • Enhancement: Added visitor setting to disable Leave Parcel At Gate. Applicable to resident.
  • Enhancement: Upload visitor photo as soon as it is clicked. This will save gatekeeper time.

4. Polls

  • Enhancement: Added support for photo and sub text to poll options
  • Enhancement: Add poll and delete poll now recorded to logs

5. Patrolling

  • Added Patrolling report.

6. Society Logs

  • Enhancement: Changes in SMS settings now recorded to society logs

7. Chat

  • Added flat search in chat > flats

8. Other Important Fixes

  • Fix: automatically refresh visitor register list on approval/update state.
  • Fix: Click on back button while selecting flat for visitor entry should go to all blocks instead of closing flat picker for society with multiple blocks.
  • Fix: Allow management to adjust discount partially with bill when user has only discount amount remaining.
  • Fix: should show Jamaica flag when existing visitor opened with Jamaica area code in mobile number.
  • Fix: clicking on invoice number in Refund voucher should open original bill.
  • Fix: user should be able to remove login id if mobile/email is provided.
  • Fix: notice content should be copyable.
  • Fix: Delete temporary visitor image file after uploaded to server. This will save space in Gatekeeper device to go out of storage due to temporary files.