Neighbium Launches customized apps for Housing Societies

customized app for society management app

With Neighbium App – Global App for housing societies, the company is targeting 6,00,000 – 8,00,000 housing societies by 2022.

Neighbium launches Society Apps Club that will enable urban local bodies which includes housing societies such as RWA, CHS or Builders, Facility Management Integrated, security companies to completely digitize their ecosystem with their own branding.

Through the App, which will have customized branding and content, members can make payments for maintenance, utility bills, make an online booking for various facilities and stay updated on the latest announcements and utilize tons of features offered by the application.

Serving the B2B2C segment, Society Apps Club comprises of the following applications. There are no restrictions on the number of users. The App can be customized in any language, it is currently available in English, Arabic, Hindi, and Marathi. Digitization is part of Neighbium DNA. The technologies we use in our own products are also available on white label. Our technology is being widely used in India, Sri-lanka, Indonesia, Egypt, Jamaica, and Nigeria.

1.     White Label Society Management ERP with customized branding

2.     White Label Visitor Management / Guard Friendly Gatekeeper App

3.     White Label Staff Attendance with Location Tracking

“The Society Apps Club suite of products will provide our clients with convenience, flexibility and the extra digital edge they need to ensure they are enhancing their services and further the Digital India mission”

White Label Society Management ERP with customized branding

Neighbium has designed the app to automate the host of services not just for the society management committee team but also for residents. Neighbium, a global society management app can raise your society’s living experience to the next level in many ways; from access clearance of staff and visitors to booking amenities and tracking bill payments. Below are a few highlighted features of the application:

Automated Billing & Accounting, Facility Management, Helpdesk Tracker, Publish Notice, Meeting Management, Inventory Manager, Private Chat Communication, Vehicle & Parking Mgmt, Bye-laws compliance, Plug & Play Payment Gateway.

White Label Visitor Management / Guard Friendly Gatekeeper App

A housing society receives several visitors each day. With a dedicated app, societies can replace the register book and log visitor details with digital records. This way, the security staff can verify visitors without having to call you.

Some of the highlighted features of the Visitor Management App are:


Tracking visitors for security reasons is made accessible via the app. Additionally, the app can streamline parking for outside vehicles and ensure that they only use designated slots within the premises.


Approve visitors in run time with Neighbium integrated voice-based approval system.


Call Gate Security or Society Residents without knowing their mobile number. 4-way communication is possible with Neighbium Intercom.


Notification to Management & Resident when domestic staff arrives in the complex. To maintain social distancing, use the widely used Face Recognition system of Neighbium which gives you 100% matching every time.


Neighbium support staff attendance via a Biometric device. Now no more fake attendance by any domestic or society staff. Use the secured biometric device on your premises to know the exact time of entry and exit.

White Label Staff Attendance with Location Tracking

You can use the Neighbium app to track your staff location, create unlimited geofence and track your staff location all the time. Whether perimeter violation is detected, it will be informed to the management team. This is widely used by construction companies to track their staff performance and attendance in real-time. For more information and feature list, please contact Neighbium at