Introducing Resident Intercom on Neighbium

Imagine, you want to contact your gate security but don’t know the guard phone number or you are in the parking lot and see a car parked in a parking space with the window opened. Being a good neighbor, you want to call them but how? you don’t know their contact number neither their name.

Now with Resident Intercom, you can call them directly without knowing any information other than their flat number.

Being a part of the management committee team, it is important to maintain effective communication among society residents. To ensure a secure and convenient communication mechanism, we’ve enabled internet calling, which does not require your personal contact to connect with fellow residents or gatekeepers.


How to enable this Resident Intercom feature

The Admin must enable this feature to use in society. Below are the steps to activate this feature:

Step 1: Go to Society Settings

Step 2: Select Setting Tab

Step 3: Enable ‘Allow residents to use Intercom


Here’s how Resident Intercom works

Resident can call other residents in the society along with gate security. Below are the steps:

Step 1: Open Neighbium application

Step 2:  Click on Resident Intercom on the App Home screen or click on the left menu and select Intercom.

Step 3: Select the resident to call or search the flat number.

Step 4: Click on Call Icon to make an intercom call.

That’s it! Isn’t it super cool!

Intercom in Neighbium Society App


How Resident can disable the Intercom feature

Resident can opt-out of the intercom feature by following the below steps.

Step 1: Open Neighbium application

Step 2:  Click on Resident Intercom on the App Home screen or click on the left menu and select Intercom.

Step 3: Disable the option ‘Enable Intercom Incoming for Me’.

Resident intercom


How to enable Intercom for a gatekeeper

Admin needs to enable intercom calling for the gatekeeper. Once this feature is enabled, gatekeepers can call residents and residents can call gatekeepers.

Step 1: Open Neighbium application

Step 2:  Click on Visitor Management –> Visitor Settings.

Step 3: Enable the option ‘Enable Intercom’.



How Neighbium Resident Intercom benefits your society

You don’t need to share your personal number anymore, Resident intercom uses the internet to make calls just like a WhatsApp call. Below are major benefits of using the resident to resident calling –

  • Cost Saving – No need to install a traditional costly intercom on your premises.

  • Connect with Residents anytime without their contact number.

  • No compromise on the privacy of residents.

  • Connect with residents faster.

  • Improve communication among society residents.

  • Gatekeepers need not to wait for residents to respond. Instead, they can call them directly.

  • Reach the right person anytime with only a flat number.

It’s a great way to stay in touch with your neighbors and communicate with ease. Try this and explore more exciting features on Neighbium.


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