Guard Patrolling / QR Patrolling for Apartments, Societies, Condominium

Guard Patrolling by security guard neighbium

When you live in a gated community, it does not matter, whether it is small, big or span across acres, there is always a need to protect your society from intruders. The main purpose of a society patrolling is to maintain the security of the apartment complex under the security guard’s duty. Unfortunately, Society Patrol is one of the process that is not tracked. Most societies don’t know if the Security Guard Patrol is happening as per schedule or if the patrol is covering all nooks and corners of your Apartment Society.

Now it is possible with Neighbium!

Neighbium has launched Society Guard Patrolling feature which will help society management committee team to enhance the security of premises. This Guard Patrolling feature is introduced to all Neighbium users without any extra cost which means society need not to spend a penny to use this feature.

Here how it works:

  1. Setup Patrolling schedule from the Neighbium Application. For Eg: Night Patrolling or Afternoon Patrolling with the locations to cover.
  2. Take print-out of QR Codes and place at the locations.
  3. Security guard will get all notifications on Gatekeeper App as per the configurable schedule.
  4. Security Guard will perform the patrolling by visiting each location and scanning the QR code using Neighbium Gatekeeper application.
  5. Management team will get detailed automated report of visited locations with time.

How does Guard Patrolling feature keeps your residential complex safe?

With the Guard Patrolling system, a guard’s has to patrol the society premises at the time defined by the management committee team. Patrolling is not complete until each and every QR code on his tour is scanned. As a committee member, you can check when the guard started the patrolling, how long he took, what path he took, and when he has done. You will be able to see the time and date of each scan, all from your Neighbium application.

Guard patrolling assures that each and every corner, and all the vulnerable spots in your society get checked without fail, every day at different time. The threats that may arise from skipping these spots are eliminated and give the bulletproof security to your apartment society.

Can Guard fool the system or security can be compromised?

Not at all! If security guard believes that he can take the copy of QR codes and while sitting in his cabin, he can scan codes. This is however not an option with Guard Patrolling feature.

Guard Patrolling uses Geo-tagging and GPS on the guard devices. This means each scan has to match the geotagged location, and GPS will show if the guard is actually at that spot while taking the QR scan, he has to be within 5 meters of the QR code for the app to accept his scan.

What else can Guard Patrolling do?

The Guard patrolling can dramatically enhance the apartment society security and keeps management committee informed, tracked, and effective managed premises with cutting edge technologies.

#1 Real Time Check

The Guard Patrolling software provides a AI platform to management committee team with which they can monitor and track their security patrols in real-time. A guard tour solution provides the real-time accurate data about a guard tour movement, incidents, and activities to the administrators of the society.

#2 Take Pictures on each Locations

While scanning the QR codes, security guard can take pictures of the location or record an incident and report to the management. All data is stored on the high speed AWS server and can be accessed at any time.

#3 Auto reminders to Security Guards for Patrolling

Neighbium app will send the reminder to the security guard to start the patrolling. And if due to any reason patrolling is delayed or not done. Same is informed to the management team.

#4 Guard Friendly

Neighbium always believe in simplicity and hence this feature is developed to make things easier for security guard to use the Application and perform the patrolling.

#5 Reporting

Keeping data reports, guard tours, time intervals of patrols, occurring incidents, documentation regarding guard’s schedule and any arising problems or emerging alerts is important. It’s difficult to believe all this stuff should be carried manually in the past. But thanks to the technology we can now monitor, check and implement any of the above actions via a few simple clicks using the Neighbium application.

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