8 Ideas to Celebrate the New Year in Your Apartment Complex

8 Ideas to celebrate the New Year in your apartment complex

8 Ideas to Celebrate the New Year in your Apartment Complex

We hope you all had a great Christmas! Let’s talk about the New Year  Eve now! To be more specific, let’s talk about the New Year Eve’s parties and ideas to celebrate the New Year with your friends and family! One of the largest global celebrations of the year is the New Year! And while there are many ways to celebrate the New Year but one of the best ways you wouldn’t have thought of ever is celebrating the New Year in your apartment complex, with your neighbours. You can forgo the overcrowded and overpriced clubs and parties this year and host or attend a party in your neighbourhood, a night filled with memories and happenings from the past year, at a place you call home. Yes! We are talking about your apartment complex. Pulling off a fabulous fete can be exasperating; here are 8 awesome ideas to usher in the New Year in your apartment complex.  


1. Photo scavenger hunt

You are never too old for a scavenger hunt. This fun-filled team game accommodates all age groups from 3 to 53! It offers a way to capture memories and make more while having fun competing with teams.

2. Dance the night away

When it comes to finding an unforgettable place to celebrate there is no better place to dance the night away than your home sweet home. So get on the dance floor and unwind the year with your neighbors! A rolling raging dance party has no better match. Hip-hop, jazz, rock or Bollywood music is the perfect way to inject pep and enthusiasm into the crowd.

3. Champagne and smores

No New Year’s Eve would be complete without some champagne and mouth-watering snacks. If you gravitate towards a more tranquil atmosphere, there is no better than country music, friends, and bonfire. Prepare your own crispy and spicy snack recipes at home and share some champagne to welcome in the new year. You don’t have to venture far to have a good time. The fun time starts right at your home along with your neighbors.

4. White winter eve

A winter wonderland themed party is a magical affair. Silver white winters can be recreated using a snowblower to make a surreal environment. Snowflake decorations, snowball games, and cascading hot cocoa bar just add to the experience.

5. Balloon countdown

What is a New Year without a countdown? Add some zing to the countdown by creating custom balloons for hours before midnight. Each balloon has a secret fun game or activity to engage your guests. Pop a balloon every hour and unveil the entertainment.

6. Fireworks at midnight

Fireworks at midnight are almost a tradition around the world. Magnificent and bright, fireworks are a great way to mark the end and start a new year. Being safe and accountable is the key to an enjoyable fireworks themed party.

7. Midnight feast BYOA

Food is the essence of every party. A midnight brunch is an absolute winner while planning a New Year party. To make it easier for the hosta BYOA bring your own appetizer party not only gives guests a variety of gourmet foods to choose from but also livens up the end of year celebrations.

8. Karaoke by the pool

Laughter, music, spirit, and celebrations are the core of a well-planned party. A karaoke summons all of these up! Add a pool and the party is unbeatable. Glow in the dark, lightning effects, poolside snack and other miscellaneous details will make you a perfect host.

These are some top ideas to bid farewell to the finishing year and ringing in the New Year without having the need to leave the safety and warmth of your apartment complex and housing society!



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