Assign Roles and Delegate Tasks to Other Society Members

Assign roles and delegate tasks to other society members

Assign Roles and Delegate Tasks to Other Society Members

The society where you reside is a pivotal aspect of your everyday life. A society is not just a group of people living together. It is a group of individuals who not just live in each other’s neighborhood but also play important roles and perform important tasks. This helps in the smooth and efficient functioning of the entire society as a whole. Some members are allocated the positions of authority and they, along with the cooperation of the other society members, oversee the operations of the entire society.


A society cannot run by the efforts of a single individual. Role allocation and role management is a very important task that needs to be performed in every civilized society. Neighbium allows you to assign different roles to the society members.


It allows you to be an administrator, resident or a manager with customized duties. For instance, the administrator can allow members to

       – Manage Accounts

       – Manage Society Members

       – Manage Apartments

       – Manage Notices

       – Manage Society Facility Booking like Community Hall, Swimming Pool, Gym booking, etc.

       – Manage Buildings

       – Manage other Managers

Assign roles and delegate tasks to other society members.

Thus, the administrator has the privilege to assign multiple roles or a single role to the Manager for managing society operations.

1. Assign roles to the society members

The members of the society who are assigned crucial positions such as the secretary, the treasurer, the accountant, the manager etc. are the strong pillars of a society. They can make or break the working of a society. Using the Neighbium app, you can assign different society members their respective roles with a crisp and clear understanding of their roles, responsibilities, duties, rights, and tasks. Once the roles are assigned, they will know what job comes under their domain and which job does not. This will not only avoid unnecessary confusion and misuse of authority but also help in effective execution of the responsibilities assigned to the people in power.


2. Access to allotted roles only

Members with allocated privileges and duties are able to access only his/her duties that fall under the purview of his/her role. They do not have any access to the activities that are being done under some other domain. For instance, if the member is given the responsibility to manage the Accounts then only he/she can access the accounting details and alerts pertaining to the society apartments. This ensures the security of crucial data and avoids any sort of infringement.


3. Add or remove roles and responsibility anytime

With Neighbium, you are not only able to allocate roles and responsibilities but you can also alter them any time if required. The members at the helm of affairs may realize that a particular member is not capable of fulfilling certain roles or maybe better suited to a different profile. The admin can make immediate changes in the software and also inform everybody about the same without any hassles. There is nothing that cannot be reversed and this helps in making things less complicated for the people in authority.

4. Any external hired member like Accountant or Staff can be added to the society and handle society operations

Not all the work that you need to get done for society can be done by just the members of the society. There are instances when particular expertise or niche that you are looking for is not available with any member of the society. In such cases, you may need to outsource certain roles to non-society members. With Neighbium, external resources and members can also be a part of the online forum and enrich the society with their work and expertise.

5. Share any document among only among Admins, Managers or Management committee members

Society documents are important and confidential records. There may be highly classified documents that any Tom, Dick, and Harry should not have access to. Once you add members with special privileges, then you can share the documents exclusively with them using the document repository. These documents will be visible only to the concerned authorities and not to the society residents.

6. Schedule a meeting with management committee members.

Neighbium software allows you to schedule a meeting only among management committee members and not all society members. You can schedule meeting with them as per the needs and concerns of the society at that particular time. This helps in having a more specific and focused approach towards problem-solving and only the concerned members are able to meet, discuss and come to conclusions.


At Neighbium we desire to simplify societies! We wish to offer you a platform that helps your society prosper and grow. With the assistance of this cloud-based software, every member will have a role to perform, contribute according to his/her skill or competence and feels like an important to society.



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