Challenges Faced by a Housing Society and Apartment Complex

Challenges faced by a housing society and apartment complex

Challenges faced by a Housing Society and Apartment Complex

Being a member of an Apartment complex or society managing committee, it is apparent that the role holds a lot of responsibilities to maintain smooth functions of the society. Taking up the tasks of managing an Apartment Complex or a housing society can be challenging, time-consuming and it’s a tough nut to crack. This probably happens because there is a lack of communication with society residents. Also, every single task which relates to the management of the society is handled manually by the managing committee which leads to discrepancies and errors.

At times it turns out to be exceptionally troublesome for the housing society committee to carry on complex tasks manually, such as managing and collecting maintenance fees from residents, taking care of important assets of the society such as parks, swimming pools, and roads. Despite the efforts, often we find that the situation gets heated up and it brings about superfluous fights and misjudgments about the managing committee.


Let us take a look at the major challenges faced in a housing society and apartment complex by the managing committee.

1. Keeping a track of maintenance dues

Keeping a track of the payments made by the society residents for the maintenance of the society can be a complex task to perform. Sending notifications and reminders manually to society members for pending payments is both a time-consuming and nerve-wracking experience.

Keeping a track of maintenance dues of apartment complex


2. Maintaining the excel sheets to keep records

Undoubtedly, there is a huge amount of data to maintain in an apartment complex, such as the details of owners and tenants in the form of a name, email, phone numbers, IDs, addresses and vehicle details. Recording it manually using excel sheets might lead to inaccurate entries, as a part of unavoidable human errors. In the case of mishappening fetching the data from excel sheets and use it as and when required is too difficult to achieve and can take a toll on your time.

Maintaining the excel sheets to keep records in apartment complexes

3. The never-ending state of resident issues

In a housing society, there are ongoing complaints and issues from different residents. Even after solving an issue, another one arises out of the blue and it becomes difficult for society managing committees tracking all individual and community complaints at one place and communicates the status updates to the society people. In the same way, it is difficult for society people to track the complaints till resolved.

The never-ending state of society resident issues - complain management

4. Keeping the society accounts up to date

Maintaining books of accounts and files and maintaining daily receipts and expenditures of an apartment complex requires a lot of dedication and effort when it is done manually.

Keeping the society accounts up to date

5. Collaboration with society members

Not everyone living in an apartment complex is willing to come out and share their opinion regarding society matters. Thus it can be hard to collect opinions of individual residents on upcoming events or decisions.

Collaboration with society members

6. Enforcing new policies

Enforcing policies in the form of police verification for rented apartments and communicating with new residents and tenants to abide by the same can be a hard thing to achieve.

Enforcing new policies to society and apartment members

 7. Countless paperwork to maintain each year

Every housing society is required to maintain countless paperwork every year including copies of records of resident complaints, society laws, daily expenditures, and receipts, etc. Maintaining such complex data manually through excel sheets is not 100% reliable.

Countless paperwork to maintain each year for residential society

8. Making important announcements

It is certainly tough to reach all the members of society to inform them about any kind of society issues, policies, etc. Also, not all housing society members are accessible at the same time. Some members might be out of the station at the time of a new policy announcement. This creates a lot of imbalance as only a portion of them are informed.

Making important announcements for apartment complex

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