Christmas Celebrations in Residential Housing Society

Christmas Celebrations in Residential Housing Society

Christmas Celebrations in Residential Housing Society


The Winter season is never complete without Christmas, jingle bells, carols, and of course Santa Claus. Christmas, the festival of love and joy is celebrated to mark the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ. This religious and cultural festival brings families together and is celebrated by attending church, decorating the house as well as Christmas tree, eating dinners together, and exchanging gifts.


When speaking of festivals, doesn’t the joy and merrymaking double when festivities are celebrated with the entire neighborhood? Christmas celebration in a housing society is all the more fun and interesting when all the family members- kids, youngsters, and elderly people participate in the joyous occasion. So this season celebrate Christmas with your neighbours and spread Jesus Christ’s message of peace and happiness to all people around you. The following are some ideas to celebrate Christmas in a residential society and have a blast!


1. Decorate your neighborhood and add a touch of the Christmas magic!

Decorations are a must during any festival, and there are some special decorations that happen only during Christmas. Yes, we are talking about the Christmas tree. The special evergreen fir tree symbolizes life during the dry winter months. Choose a good location in your neighborhood to set up the Christmas tree. Ideally, choose a place where there are plug sockets so that it will be easy to put on the lights without having messy wires across the floor. Illuminate the tree with dazzling lights and adorn it with streamers, stars, bells, ribbons, and gifts. The rest of the neighborhood can be spruced up by decorating with balloons, streamers and special Christmas themed lights, like Santa lights, reindeer lights, etc.


2. Organize exciting competitions and invite all the members

Christmas celebration in the housing society will be more joyous and fun when all family members will come out of their homes and participate in some fun events together.  To make this possible, a competition can be organized in the residential society,  inviting everyone to participate in bake a cake contest. Enthusiastic women and also men (men are good bakers too) will spill out of their homes with their special recipes. Soon the neighborhood will be filled with the aroma of freshly baked cakes. Oh! What a treat to the nose as well as the eyes and the taste buds! With so many different types of in-house cakes, you don’t have to order any from outside bakeries. The competition will foster a sense of brotherhood among members of different families.


Kids need not get disheartened.  You can have different competitions for kids like Making Santa cap, snowman, decorative bells, and other such Christmas related stuff. Later these things can actually be used for decorating the neighborhood and kids will be more than delighted to see their efforts blooming.


3. Try out these fun Christmas games to play with your neighbors

Games are fun and bring out the best in people. Below are some games for all age groups:


Santa Claus is synonymous with Christmas and we cannot forget the happy old white-bearded man who is every child’s dream come true. Parents can disguise themselves as Santa and bring gifts along with them. Kids have to identify their own parents among the number of Santa Claus. There will be chaos coupled with fun when kids try to tear off the white beard when trying to spot their parents.


Another interesting game that will excite everyone is the Christmas special karaoke night. Complete the celebrations of Christmas in the residential society by setting up a small stage with mike. Invite budding singers on stage and croon melodious carols. Follow it up with some peppy music and groove away from the remaining part of the night.


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