Housing Society Accounting goes Simpler and Better with Neighbium

Neighbium Society Billing and Accounting Promotion
Neighbium made society accounting simpler so that even an individual from Resident Welfare Associations (RWA) or Housing Societies with limited knowledge of computer and unfamiliar with accounting or bookkeeping practices can manage the society operations easy and effective. Neighbium provides an efficient way to organize accounting and billing solutions and helps you take charge of your Society Accounting and streamlining society administration, in an organized manner.

You do not need an Accounting Background for maintaining housing society accounts anymore.

When using Neighbium for society billing and accounting, Housing Societies do not need other accounting software such as Tally to maintain their accounts. Treasurers can easily maintain the accounts on their own. Most importantly, Payment made by society members against monthly maintenance is automatically entered in the accounting books/ledgers. It will drastically reduce the amount of time required due to the automation and auto-reconciliation with bank accounts - thereby giving huge savings to Housing Societies.

Reclaim your inestimable time and money spent on Society Accounting and Management. Bring Professionalism to your Housing Society.

Neighbium is elegant and easy to use for anyone with little knowledge of accounting. Most of the operations are linked and handled by the service automatically without having to specify, which makes society management simpler. We have not added humongous features which are of no use to any society. We at Neighbium kept Accounting simple and effective as required.

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