Housing Society Safety & Security Tips

Housing Society Safety & Security Tips

Housing Society Safety & Security Tips


We live in a world where the love and care of our families are of the utmost importance to us. Our near and dear ones are the ones who bother to nurture love and affection and we tend to reciprocate the same emotions to them as well. This is primarily the reason why we are very protective about our loved ones and their safety and security are our top priority.

Living in a housing society brings about various concerns in our minds. When we invest in an apartment, one of the most pressing concerns is to understand the provisions of safety and security provided in the residential society. So follow these tips to ensure yours and your family’s safety security in a housing society.

1. Earthquake-resistant building

Firstly, make sure that the developers of the infrastructure have used top quality raw materials in the construction so that the structures are strong enough. This ensures the durability of the building which is very important for its residents at times of natural calamities. For instance, we should make sure that the building is earthquake resistant and can withstand an earthquake. Our homes are safe havens for us because it is where we feel safest with our families. So it is essential to living in a house which is built reliably with all the safety measures included.

2. Easy Access to Emergency contact numbers

Another important aspect of security and safety in a housing society is having easy access to emergency contacts. Important contact numbers such as ambulance service, fire department, women and child helpline, police department, etc should be readily available on the society notice board and also outside every residential building. Neighbium society management app provides a secure platform to the residents which not just informs residents of festival celebrations but also has access to important emergency numbers. This enables neighbors to get access to all emergency numbers in one place, saving time in calling up residents or asking for help.

3. Fire extinguishers installed in the Premises

It is very important for a society to have life safety devices in places such as fire extinguishers that play a vital role in keeping us safe. Fire extinguishers should also be installed on all floors of the building so that the residents are prepared enough in case of a fire. A proper set of guidelines should also be made available to the residents in case of an emergency so that they are aware of the possible plan of actions to be undertaken. A copy of the guidelines should also be available at the entrance of society association at all times.

The residents can configure these guidelines in the Neighbium app for better Housing Society Management.

4. Well trained Security guards on duty

Moreover, the security of a residential society is paramount. Thus, the employment of security guards from a reputed security company is a must thing as well. These guards should be well-trained and equipped with intercom facilities. Also, they should also be provided CCTV surveillance round the clock so as to ensure the complete security of the people residing in the society.

5. Safety elevator procedures

Alongside this, all elevators and lifts in a housing society should be well-equipped with an emergency contact board so that in case of a power cut or technical glitch, contact can be made easily.

6. Child safety in swimming pools

It is also very vital to ensure the safety of the children residing in the society. This can be done by making sure that the young ones are not left unsupervised in risk-prone areas such as the swimming pool, main roads, rooftops, etc.

7. Record visitor entries for Security

Furthermore, a well-disciplined and well-managed housing society can be heaven for its residents. Thus, all activities within society should be closely monitored for the safety of its residents. A book of visitors’ entry and exit details should be maintained by the security personnel so that there is a clear transparency in the society. Using the Neighbium app the society management can record the entries of flat owners, tenants and visitors throughout the day and the information is accessible instantly whenever needed, especially in case of a mishappening.

Hence, a safe residential society is the answer to happy homes!


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