How to Pick the Best Residential Society Management Software?

How to pick the best residential society management software?

How to Pick the Best Residential Society Management Software?

The number of residential societies has increased more than the population of zombies in Hollywood movies. This has triggered the need for cutting-edge residential society management software, which can handle operational tasks of residential societies efficiently. From computerized billing to a variety of accounting solutions, these cloud-based solutions can do it all in a matter of few seconds.

Good quality society software can help the housing society to run smoothly. All the activities of the staff, society income, monthly expenditure, etc can be monitored in a systematic and professional manner. And the management committee can find the time to indulge in constructive things for the welfare of the society members because all mundane tasks and administrative activities will be handled by the software. But, with so many residential society software available in the market, it has become a bit difficult to choose the one that suits the requirements of your society. We have got you a list of a few factors that can help you choose the best management software for your residential society. Here we go:


1. Functionalities

If you are one of the members of the managing committee of your society, then make sure that the functionalities of the software are on the top of your checklist. It is important to understand the requirements of your society before evaluating the product. Check the modules and sub-modules to match them with your requirements. At last, settle down for society management software which is closest to your requirements.

Also, choose a company that can justify the expense of hiring their society management software and strives for customer satisfaction. The software should offer the admin or society treasurer substantial user support in handling day to day society administrative tasks and should include all the features which can make your life simpler so that you can get maximum return on your investment.


2. Easy Management of Accounts

The software should be user-friendly. Its account management features should not demand accounting expertise from its users. All modes of payments should be accepted and the software must keep a track of which society members have paid the dues. Sending reminders to defaulters would be like a cherry on the cake.

The residential society management software should assure a hassle-free calculation of outstanding liabilities of members, prepaid advance payments, and Society expenditures.


3. Automation of Service Contracts

Your society management software should be able to handle the task of maintaining service contracts efficiently and should be able to automate annual maintenance service contracts. The software should allow you to view all the necessary details at just a glance, only a click away. All the complicated tasks such as tracking outstanding liabilities and prepaid expenses should be taken care of by the software.


4. Salary Calculation of staff members

From security guards to elevator men to the staff hired for society maintenance, there are several employees in a society. Calculating their salaries at the end of every month becomes a Herculean task. So ensure that the residential management software you lend your trust to is capable of calculating the salaries of the staff efficiently. It should also be able to keep a track of cash advance, income taxes, loans, etc. And all such calculations must be automatic which will save the treasurer’s time.


5. Income Calculation

Your residential society management software must come with a feature to calculate all types of income (i.e. interest income, rental income, and maintenance income, etc.) It should be able to keep track of all investments as well.


6. Simplified User-Interface

Apart from all the factors mentioned above, the user interface of the software should be easy to understand and not complex to use. Users should not get confused when handling the software. Otherwise, it is of no use.


7. The best and the latest software

Our housing society billing software is the best and secure cloud-based solution, which can duly automate the recurring tasks for the treasurer. When you have the latest and improved software available with additional and advanced features, the better it is for your society management.

Don’t spend extravagantly on buying old-school inefficient software. It is wise and advisable to do some research work before you grab the best option.



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