Ideas to Celebrate Diwali in your Apartment Complex and Society

Ideas to celebrate Diwali in your Apartment Complex and Society

Ideas to Celebrate Diwali in your Apartment Complex and Society

Diwali the festival of lights symbolizes the end of darkness and welcomes a new beginning that lights up every home and enlightens every heart. We must apply the same to our apartment complex and housing society so that it can bring a smile to everyone’s face. In a modern apartment complex where people are living close by, yet they do not mingle with each other, we feel they are still living in darkness. This Diwali, all neighbors must come together to experience a new beginning and let the darkness come to an end with festive lights. Diwali celebrations must be in full swing in every nook and corner of the housing society. So, gear up to celebrate the festival of lights with your neighbors with these Six easy to follow tips.

1. Exchange greetings and gifts

On the occasion of Diwali people decorate their homes with earthen lights and create Rangoli on the floor with joy. And not to forget some also exchange greetings and presents with each other. Okay, so if you’re finding it tough to break the ice, here’s a simple tip. Celebrating Diwali with your neighbors means that we receive double the amount of presents and sweets, and of course the love of our neighbors around. This Diwali you can begin by exchanging presents with your neighbors. This way you’ll get to know each other and you both will feel a sense of belonging. One person and one right initiative can make this festival even more bright and beautiful.

exchange gifts among society members

2. Inspire neighbors to do house cleaning

The preparations of Diwali start with house cleaning and decoration inside the house. House cleaning is not something that all of us could be eager to do, but we can make this cleaning ritual fun together. Create a new group called “Diwali decorations and cleaning” within the Neighbium society management app. Whenever you make an effort to clean and decorate your house before Diwali, such as decorating your home with paper lanterns or flower bowls do share your picture within the app, so that it will not just inspire others but it will help everyone to gather more ideas.

Inspire neighbours to do house cleaning

3. Light up your apartment complex and not just your home

Diwali is the festival of lights and at this time the market is full of a plethora of lighting options. So how about lighting up your neighborhood this year? Light up the doorways and trees using stringed lights. They’re the perfect way to add some bling to your entrance and surely will be an added welcome for Diwali guests. Also, light up the entrance gate and give your apartment complex a quick festive makeover. You can also decorate the society entrance gate with fresh flowers like marigold and mogra.

Keep a plant in a vibrant colored pot outside your home, decorate it with fairy lights and ask your neighbors also to do so. Imagine what a beautiful sight it would be! As your society turns into a colorful kingdom lit up with lights all around.

Light up your apartment complex and not just your home

4. Designate areas to light firecrackers

While fireworks illuminate the evening sky and it is a sight to behold, but one should not light crackers in narrow lanes such as balconies or open spaces just outside their homes, as it can lead to major fire accidents. You should spread this message to everyone in your society. The managing committee should designate areas where firecrackers can be lighted and all the members should be notified to follow the same using society notice board. Important safety instructions and usual places where firecrackers should not be burnt such as balconies, staircases, car parking, lawns should also be mentioned in the Diwali notice.


5. Cherish Indian food and culture

Diwali is a great opportunity for people who would like to get a glimpse of Indian culture and relish Indian food. And people prefer having sweets and plenty of them. Neighbors can prepare different specialty meals and gather together for a grand Diwali party, dancing to Bollywood music and eating Indian cuisine in abundance.

Cherish Indian food and culture

6. Draw Rangoli designs

As we all know Rangoli is a colorful, Indian folk art design which is a symbol of joy and happiness, drawn on the floor during the auspicious occasion of Diwali. A Rangoli should be drawn at the entrance doors gracing the entrance of every home. Also, some society members can volunteer together to design Rangoli outside society association and religious places such as the temples. Also, Rangoli patterns using colored chalks can be drawn on an outside play area or pavement.

Draw Rangoli designs


So this Diwali festive season, let us transform the society into a festive, carnivalesque space with lights all around the houses and contemporary Bollywood music echoing through the houses.


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