Importance of Carpooling for Residential Apartment Communities

Importance of carpooling for Residential Apartment Communities

Importance of carpooling for Residential Apartment Communities

Do you feel that driving your car daily to the office reflects a big fat portion of your regular day-to-day expenses? Or do you feel anxious and keep wondering about being late to your destination when you are stuck in traffic alone, cursing the authorities for the chaos? After all, there is nothing you can do to make the traffic move along any faster. But when you are traveling with a companion, the long-distance drive to your office can be a much better relatively painless experience for both you and the other person as there is somebody to talk to when you are stuck in really bad traffic.


On the other hand, the population is running at the pace of an athlete. Today almost every middle-class household in our country has at least one car for their daily commuting. And with the increasing levels of income, the number of cars in a single-family is most often more than one. The rich and the elite own the most number of giant luxurious cars where each family member usually owns their own private car. As a result, the pollution caused by the use of private cars is becoming a serious problem for big cities and looking upon the plight of the environment, the pollution has degraded the quality of the air we breathe in.

Well, this is one of the most common and irritating problems that one faces in the national capital of our country, and there is no permanent solution available. But we can certainly tackle the root cause, and can actually contribute a bit in saving our environment, time and money as a community. The answer to escaping from the worst traffic jams and the resulting pollution is – CARPOOLING.

Importance of carpooling for Residential Apartment Communities

Carpooling is a method of sharing your car journeys and car rides so that more than one person travels in cars. It is actually a good idea sharing your ride with people to avoid commuting through personal vehicles, especially cars, which are the main cause of pollution and traffic on the roads. Besides reducing congestion on our roads and highways, it helps save your handsome bucks and limits the use of our natural resources contributing your bit to the environment.

Carpooling for apartment members can be a win-win situation for both parties. In fact, when walking with the trend Neighbium is the easiest and friendliest tool to use for apartment residents who want to share a ride. Using the Neighbium app, apartment members can use Chat Groups feature to find interested people in carpooling. Especially for women, this option can prove out to be safe as you already know the carpool members you are traveling with. Not only this, but Neighbium also extends the benefits of carpooling for apartment members to people living in nearby societies. Residents living in close proximity to other societies can also form carpool groups using Neighbium.


Here’s how to start carpooling with your neighbors. If your residential society is already registered with Neighbium than download the Neighbium app from Google play store. Go to Chat Groups and create a Car Pool group with Neighbouring societies. All society members of the apartments will receive the message that the Carpool group is created and interested people can connect, chat, discuss and start their shared journey. You can discuss and schedule things such as who brings the car on which day, start and return time, and how to divide the petrol costs, etc.


People living in apartment complexes can leverage carpooling to a great extent because residents living in the same locality can meet up at a common place easily and all apartment members ultimately return at the same destination after work. Hence carpooling for apartment members becomes easy to implement and with Neighbium, it becomes even easier. So start using the Neighbium app for carpooling to avoid the daily cab booking hassles and get rid of your dependence on overcharging auto drivers. Besides the benefit of traveling together and the ease of traveling, carpooling using Neighbium will help you nurture constructive relationships with your peer society members already residing around you. So, we wish a happy and safe carpooling for apartment members!


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