Introducing the New and Improved UI | Neighbium Society Application


It is with pleasure to launch the “Neighbium” (New avatar) with a NEW USER INTERFACE. “It focuses on social concerns and challenges, as well as on solving those issues with unparalleled quality and functionality in services, and resources.

Aim to create new designs for users will find easy to use and pleasurable. It also includes others, such as the new Game zone Section on members’ requests which keeps you busy in the free time.

Get Head-wise reports on Flat in Accounts section and more and more.


We have released the new version 1.0.87 of the app on 15th June 2020:


New Management Dashboard

New Management View helps an admin to view their flat Bills, members, and Vehicles status quickly.  Members could switch flats if they had multiple flats in the society.

top section of management UI


Now, Inviting Visitors and to get the list of staff and visitors is just a click away. No More Multiple clicks now and you get the updated list of visitors’ entries and exits.



Stop juggling with multiple clicks to Manage society updates. To Manage your Society Flats members and staff getting handier. Now get the REAL-TIME TRACKING on daily basis on tickets, visitors, and messages in the society.



Residential View

Resident view comes up with top bar which handle all the common actions of the Residents like paying maintenance bills, accessing members, vehicles, directory, chat and notice from the dashboard itself:




Now, Inviting Visitors and to get the list of Staff and Visitors is just a click away. No More Multiple clicks now and you get the updated list of visitors’ entries and exits.

Invite visitor


Quick actions enable users to do common actions quickly. Make users’ navigation and workflow as smooth as possible and give them convenient access to information that is most important and necessary like:-



Community Buzz

Stay up to date with your Community. Get Updates and latest and important info on Covid19 on our app with a click.



Games/Fun Zone which is fun to play with your society residents to beat scores. Enjoy a variety of online games in a single click. We have launched 4 short games for fun which may blow your mind and get you to use mind and hand coordination in quick succession. These games can test your Memory, Speed, Eyes, and mind. Things will become more amazing when you play with your society residents and beat their score.



New gatekeeper view

It was a challenge to handle the most frequently used features. We wanted to make sure that our users were able to navigate each of the app’s characteristics and complete their tasks in one click.

Design and production eventually came through after months of working together!

Helps Gatekeeper task easier and handier after introducing the face recognition functionality which is an equally fun and more reliable source to get the staff attendance and track the visitor’s status.

Face recognition also helps in maintaining the social distancing during COVID-19.

Once the gatekeeper clicks the photo of the staff, the system will detect the face from the society staff database and after a successful match, it allows staff to enter the society premises.



Minor but more Enhancements in accounts on the demands of our prestigious clients

  • Added separate ledger of payment gateway receivable for income ledger.
  • Flat pending – head wise report in accounts
  • As on date support for advances report.
  • Fix: Mobile number not required for expected visitors.
  • Fix: Removed sender name from SMS center





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