Apartment Complex & Society Nutshell: Pride and Reflection of Members

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Management of Apartment Complex: The Image of Your Status

For us, our family, our house, and our housing society are matters of pride. We can talk for long about our neighbors in particular and our housing society in general. This means that our housing society is a reflection of ourselves. Then why not strive to keep it a healthier, safer and happier place to live in? The joy of living in a housing society mainly revolves around it being a well-managed society. Thus, housing management has become an integral part of every housing society. Management of Apartment complex comprises of many tasks, so let us see these tasks one by one and know how we can keep our society neat, clean and tidy so that we feel proud of it.


  1. Water Tank Cleaning: Water supplied by the Water Department is safe as it is supplied only after the purification process but, if underground and overhead tanks are not cleaned regularly, this may lead to contamination of water. It is commonly seen that local tank cleaners are appointed to clean underground and overhead water tanks. The process of water tank cleaning should be hygienic and should only be done through professional cleaners. Professional tank cleaners remove algae, moss, and micro-organisms which are very harmful and spread sickness. Cleaning twice a year with modern equipment will ensure the storage of clean water hygienically.Various ways of cleaning tanks are –
  • High-pressure cleaning using jet sprays for removing dirt at the bottom surface and walls of the tank.
  • Removal of rubbish and mud from the tank.
  • Using ultraviolet rays to deactivate floating bacteria and viruses.
  • Cleaning without using harmful chemicals.

Do not compromise on cleaning tanks as consuming clean water is the most important facility to be provided for all residents, especially children.


  1. Pest Control: For healthier protection of a Society, pest control is the best option. Pest control keeps rodents, spiders, cockroaches, bed bugs, termites and ants away. Now, safe pest control products have been introduced in the market which is safe for homes and the surrounding environment. Pest control services are tailor-made as per your requirement. So before appointing professionals, it is essential to know where they will treat and what pest control products they will use. It is advisable to pest control of the whole Society instead of individual society. This will save money and benefit all members.


  1. Security Management: Security services are getting high acceptability these days. Due to increasing crimes in society, the need to have a private security system has become essential Security personnel should be trained, reliable, trustworthy, committed and well-experienced. Society security and safety should be handled by safe hands. A proper system should be introduced for security guards. Sleeping during duty hours should be discouraged. Security personnel should not be given any household or personal work to do during their shifts. They should maintain proper registers to record incoming and outgoing timings. Reporting should be encouraged, they should be always alert, should know basic mannerisms and should be strong and healthy enough to handle any reverse situation that arises.


  1. Painting the exterior walls of the buildings: Just as wearing a beautiful costume makes you look graceful, in the same way, we painted exterior walls that make your Society look attractive. The exterior walls of the Society are as important as the interior walls. It is advisable to use only good quality wall paints. Good exterior wall paints resist the growth of mold on the wall surface. Good quality wall paints are durable and can be maintained for longer periods since they disallow cracks and breaks. Usually, we are inclined to buy the cheapest quality and feel happy that we have saved money, but please keep in mind that a little the extra money spent on quality may give us more durability and a tension-free life in the future. Waterproofing is also the best idea before undertaking the painting of walls. With modern technology, waterproofing is done without breaking the walls. This kind of crack repair work increases water repellency, increases resistance to UV radiation, discourages the growth of algae, plants, moss, and fungus, increases the durability of color, enhances the cooling effect and is also fire-resistant. All these treatments make the Society look attractive.


  1. Fire Safety Management: According to the Maharashtra Fire Prevention and Life Safety Measures Act, 2009, every housing society is required to conduct a fire safety audit every six months and is supposed to submit reports of an audit to ensure the safety of residents. But housing societies have been found negligent about fire safety requirements. To install a fire fighting system is advisable for the safety of the residents and it is necessary that the system should be operational and maintained properly. To handle emergency situations, instructions regarding its use should be circulated or demonstrated to the members.


  1. Electrical Safety Management: In a Society, electrical accidents occur due to faulty wiring, old sockets, bare and hanging wires. Sometimes, passages are without electricity or there is not enough lighting during the night. Immediate measures should be taken to avoid accidents. Especially during the monsoon season, it comes very riskily. Provide proper illumination in dark spaces, change bulbs and tube lights whenever they are found unserviceable and install safe wires and electrical gadgets to ensure accident-free spaces.


  1. Playground Maintenance: Children love to play outdoor games so it is the responsibility of the members to take basic playground safety precautions. Remove rusted instruments/equipment, harmful stones, sharp edges, and splinters from the ground. If space permits, install playground equipment that is safe and easy to maintain in the long run. Children love to play on playground equipment like swings, sea saw, and slides. These installed playground equipment should also be maintained periodically and if required, be repaired immediately. Unmaintained, rusty and broken playground equipment is risky which children are unaware of. It is also advisable to install plastic/fiber playground equipment that is safer and rust-proof.


  1. Maintenance of the garden: A garden in a Society is a relaxing and breathing space for senior citizens and housewives. One has to plan a garden and install benches as per the available space. A small lawn, a few colorful plants, and trees will give the Society a refreshing look. Pleasant greenery is a feast for the eyes. Keep the parks clean and beautiful. Benches for senior citizens can be donated by members in memory of their loved ones. Thus, with the support of members, many undertakings can be fulfilled, which will give pleasure to the donor for his/her contribution and also enjoyment to the members.


  1. Maintaining a common terrace: A terrace is a place where people come together to celebrate birthdays, functions and festivals. It is the responsibility of every resident to contribute towards its maintenance. The terrace should be regularly swept and mopped periodically. After get-together/birthday parties/functions, the terrace should be cleaned properly by the members who have organized the event. Charges can be levied to members for using the terrace after taking approval in the General Body Meeting. Water should not be allowed to stagnate. Seepage of water may damage the ceiling of the topmost floor. The railing of the terrace should be kept in a good state and oil-painted from time to time. A well-maintained terrace is also a support for the top floor residents.


  1. Garbage Management: Garbage cleaning is an important task. Just imagine a day if the cleaner is absent or the municipal van does not come. The garbage piles up and stinks. For proper disposal of garbage, societies should give proper instructions to the cleaner and provide them with proper tools and buckets, uniforms with hand-gloves, caps/masks, brooms and mops with long handles to clean the Society on a daily basis. Cleaning can be supervised by a Managing Committee member on a weekly basis / at regular intervals. A small vermicomposting pit will take care of all the kitchen waste.


Management of housing society is a tedious task. It is the duty of every resident of the society to keep it clean and not only should the Management Committee to be kept responsible. A resident should also come forward and contribute towards the management of its complex. For example, rubbish should not be thrown out of the windows or the balcony, garbage should be given for disposal in garbage bags as the cleaner is also a human being and even he would like it if the members undertake safety measures for his health. Harmful rubbish or broken pieces of glass should be packed and disposed of separately so that the cleaner is not hurt.


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