Why Monthly Managing Committee Meeting is Essential in Residential Society?

Why Monthly Managing Committee Meeting is Essential in residential society

Monthly Managing Committee Meeting is essential for executing important decisions of the Society. Many important decisions are taken in this meeting with regards to members and the Society. As per Bye-law no. 127 (a), a Committee shall meet as often as necessary, but at least once in a month.

Method of calling the Managing Committee Meeting

  1. The Secretary of the Society shall give three clear days’ notice of meetings of the Committee to all the members of the Committee which shall state the date, time and place of the meeting and the business to be transacted thereat, in consultation with the Chairman of the Society.
  2. Where the Secretary of the Society fails to issue such notice and agenda of any meeting of the Committee, the Chairman of the Society shall issue it.
  3. The Chairman of the Society shall preside over all the meetings of the Committee, provided that if at any meeting of the Committee, he is absent, those members of the Committee present shall elect one of them to be the Chairman, for that occasion, who shall preside over the meeting.
  4. Every member of the Committee shall have one vote. However, in case of an equality of votes, the Chairman of the meeting will have a second or casting vote. All decisions shall be taken by the majority of the vote.
  5. The Secretary of the Society shall attend every meeting of the Committee and record its minutes and place the same for confirmation before the next meeting of the Committee after the minutes are signed by the Secretary of the Society and the Chairman of the meeting. In the absence of the Secretary, the Chairman of the society shall make alternate arrangements recording minutes of the meeting.
  6. The Committee Meeting shall be usually held in the premises the Society, The quorum for the Committee Meeting shall be mentioned in Bye-Law no. 114. The Committee cannot translate business unless there is a quorum at the time of consideration every item on the agenda of the meeting of the Committee.
  7. As per Bye-Law no. 138 the Managing Committee shall exercise the powers and discharge the functions and duties as under.


Few of the important functions are given below:

  1. To consider and decide the applications for various purposes received by the Society.
  2. To consider and decide the resignations received from members, associate members, and nominal members.
  3. To consider all matters relating to the creation, investment and utilization of the Repairs & Maintenance Funds, Reserve Fund and Sinking Fund. Keeping the funds of the Society in a Cooperative Bank as per the provision of Section 70 of the Maharashtra Cooperative Society’s Act.
  4. To ensure that nomination and revocation thereof are recorded in the minutes of the Committee.
  5. To initiate action against defaulted charges of the Society.
  6. To make available papers of the Society for perusal if asked for by the members.
  7. To call a special meeting of the General Body if required.
  8. To consider the resignation of an office-bearer of the Society and to fill in vacancies of the Committee.
  9. To take steps to maintain the property of the Society in good condition and to carry out repairs to it and renewals thereof.
  10. To ensure the property of the Society.
  11. To take a decision on the complaint application in the Managing Committee Meeting and inform the concerned member of its decision accordingly.
  12. To scrutinize the tenders received for construction work and to submit the same along with the Committee’s report to the meeting of the general body and to enter into a contract with the contractor.
  13. To ensure that every Annual Meeting of the General Body is held within the prescribed period.
  14. The Committee shall, in consultation with the General Body necessary steps for Conveyance of land/building in favor of the Society.
  15. Deducting TDS on payments made to contractors and professionals.
  16. Submitting the Audi Rectification Report to the Deputy Registrar.


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The first meeting of the newly-elected Managing Committee Meeting

The first meeting of the newly elected and out-going committee shall be held within 15 days from the date of the constitution of the new Committee.
As per Bye-Law no. 125
(a) Every Managing Committee, at its first meeting, after its election shall elect a Chairman, a Secretary and a Treasurer from amongst the members of the Committee.

(b) The Officer of the Society shall hold office for the period of five years from the date on which he is elected to be the Chairman Secretary / Treasurer as the case may be but not beyond the expiry of the term of the Committee.

Important Bye-Laws concerning the Managing Committee Meeting.

Bye-Law no. 116: No officer of the Society shall have any interest, directly or indirectly, otherwise than as such officer:

(a) In any contract made with the Society
(b) In any property sold or purchased by the Society
(C) In any other transaction of the Society, except as investment made in or loan taken from the Society for provision of residential accommodation by the Society to any paid employee of the Society.

Bye-law no. 119 (a)(ii): A person shall cease to be the member of the committee if he has failed to attend any three consecutive monthly meetings of the Committee without leave of absence.

Bye-law 132 (e): In case the entire Committee intends to resign, the designation of the Committee shall be placed before the General Body of acceptance and such resignations by the General Body. This fact of acceptance of resignations of the entire Committee by the General Body shall be communicated to the Registrar by the outgoing officers and Registrar may take the necessary action as provided under Section 77A of the Act. However, the existing Committee shall continue to carry on with the routine functioning of the Society till the alternate arrangement is made by the Registrar.

Bye-law no. 135: On a requisition by 1/3rd members of the Committee, the Secretary of the Society shall convene a Special Meeting of the Committee within seven days of the date of receipt of the requisition to discuss the matter mentioned in the requisition.

Bye-law no. 137: The members of the Committee shall be jointly and severally responsible for all the decisions taken by the Committee during its term relating to the business of the Society. The members of the Committee shall be jointly and severally responsible for all the acts and omissions detrimental to the interest of the Society. Thus, after taking responsibility as Managing Committee members, everybody should follow all the duties efficiently and take decisions wisely.

Bye-law no. 139: The Chairman of the Society shall have the power of overall superintendence, control, and guidance in respect of the management of the affairs of the Society within the framework of the MCS Act 1960, Rule 1961 and the bye-laws of the Society. In case of any emergency, the Chairman of the Society may be competent to exercise any of the powers of the Committee. However, while doing so, he shall record the reasons thereof in writing of any decision, so taken by the Chairman of the Society shall be approved in the next meeting of the Committee.

Bye-law no. 174 (A)(xx): A complaint can be made to the Registrar for non-calling of the Managing Committee Meeting as prescribed by the bye-laws.

The Minutes of the Meeting contains a summary of the discussion on every item mentioned in the Agenda. There is a possibility of not remembering the details of the meeting later, so it is useful to have a written record of the meeting. Decisions taken on different issues during the meeting are recorded in Minutes.



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