Is Your Monthly Society Meeting Unproductive Due to Low Attendance?

Is your monthly society meeting unproductive due to low attendance?

Is Your Monthly Society Meeting Unproductive Due to Low Attendance?

It’s amazing what monthly society meetings can do. It can help solve a lot of common society problems. It allows society members and management committee members to have discussions, such that everyone can join hands together to bring positive changes in society and move towards a connected society. Society meetings can be a platform for exchanging ideas, thoughts and suggestions which are relevant for bringing a constructive change in society. But low attendance and non-attendance in the society meetings can make the meetings unproductive. So there must be a common platform to ensure that all society members and admins can be informed about the monthly society meetings. Using the Neighbium app, you can not just schedule the society meetings you can also put up the agenda for the meeting and send reminders to society members before the meeting. This will help address non-attendance in meetings.

Is your monthly society meeting unproductive due to low attendance?


Below are the things which Neighbium helps you to do.

1. Schedule meetings

Concerned authorities, admins or members can schedule monthly society meetings at a convenient date, venue and time using the Neighbium app. Using Neighbium, scheduling meetings can be a hassle-free and quick process. It saves time, effort and unnecessary discussions and debates.


2. Select the Participants of the meeting

    a. Only Admins – There are certain agendas that need to be discussed only with the admins of the society since the concerns pertain only to them. You can schedule the meetings with only Admins where only all admins will get the notification about the meeting that is scheduled.

     b. Only Management Committee members-Some crucial society issues need the involvement and point of view of the members of the Management Committee.A society policy or a monetary budget concern or any such concern may require only the opinions of the Management Committee. A notification about the meeting can be sent only to the management committee members and they can confirm their presence using the app.

     c. All members of the society-If there is a society meeting where some sort of voting is going to be conducted or its a society meeting related to some common concern, issue or event that pertains to the entire society then the presence of all the members of the society is required. Hence a notification about the meeting is sent to all the members of the society.


3. Set the agenda of the meeting or the issues to be discussed

The agenda of the meeting or the issues to be discussed can be updated and shared with the members beforehand using the meeting notice board. This will help every member attending the meeting to be aware of the agenda to be issued and they will come prepared for the meeting with their views, opinions, and suggestions. Using the app, society members can also share if anything needs to be added on the agenda list, or can be given a miss from the agenda so that the meeting is fruitful and not just an unworthy monthly formality.


4. Get the reminder mail and notification before the meeting

A reminder notification with regards to the meeting can be sent across to all the apartment members before the meeting. This ensures that no society member is left uninformed about such important meetings which are often a common complaint among society members these days. Thus, the task of manually reminding every member of the society, to increase the attendance, can be shunned.


5. Record MOM of the meeting which will be available to all participants as well

Minutes of Meeting is not just a formal record of discussions but an important tool to undertake action plans. Manually recording MOM is a tedious task. With this software, the management can record the MOM instantly, within the meeting, which will be available to all other participants as well. This will also come in handy for those members who were not able to be a part of the meeting physically.


Neighbium can thus help ensure increased attendance at society meetings. Society members can share their views, suggestions, opinion, and feedback with regards to the meeting using the app. Having feedback is an amazing opportunity for the management committee to increase the efficiency of the meetings held in the future. The management members too are enriched with the feedback of their fellow society members.


With the above features, you will be able to garner maximum participation in society meetings.


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