Neighbium Launches New Gatekeeper UI – July 2020

Neighbium-New Visitor Management UI

Good news! For All Residential Society Management Users

In our continuous endeavor to make the management of your Society efficient and effective, Neighbium has come up with another amazing release that focuses on security aspects and helps society in managing finances in a better way. These changes incorporate the latest best practices in managing members IN/OUT effectively other than Visitors and Staff. Also, added some of the Accounting enhancements requested by the society management committee.

Here is a list of the key changes we have implemented:

We have released the new version 1.0.91 of the app on 25th July 2020:

  • New gatekeeper UI


  • Added member entry/exit register
  • Added Trial balance

  • Account Adjustment support for expense
  • Added menu item in apartments list to download all flat documents in one shot>

    • Show ledger Opening and closing balance while viewing ledger entries. Clicking on opening balance shows total debit and credit.
    • Allows management to set the visibility of the groups in chat section as per the given options

Important Enhancements in accounts, Facility Booking and on the demands of our prestigious clients

– Fix: Facility icon not visible in a list if custom photo clicked

– Fix: Items in the left main menu not visible sometimes when the mobile battery is less than 10% and battery optimizer on.

– Fix: Show Sundry Creditor ledgers in Vendor Payable

– Fix: Auto migrate journal entries when vendor payable changed

– Fix: App crash when WhatsApp message with file shared with Neighbium

– Fix: Sound comes but notification not shown to management on overstay alert. Only when the device screen is sleeping

– Fix: Do not allow gatekeeper to change entry/exit time

– Fix: View visitor UI alignment issue when a number of flats more than 10

– Fix: Delete multiple members from Directory

– Fix: app crash while searching vendor

– Fix: Ledger balance shows 0 in a report when total debit=credit

– Fix: include the amount of payable to parent ledger for dashboard graph and Receipt & Payment report