New Features Released on 10th February 2019

Neighbium-new-release jan uary 2019

Dear Member,

Greetings from Neighbium!

We have released the new version of the App today with improved existing functionality, Powerful Visitor Management section and all new Federated Society module.

Below are the recent features and enhancement in our App.

1. Added the support for multiple cash accounts.
2. Advance settings to round off the maintenance amount for schedule bills. For eg: Bill amount of Rs. 2550.60 will changed to Rs. 2551
3. Configure late payment charges with new options in Schedule and Import Config. For eg: one-time late payment charges with a fixed amount or fixed percentage after the due date.
4. Configure maximum late payment charges that can be collected on a bill.
5. The system will not auto-approve bills when the admin accepts payment of his own flat.
6. Show Quarter details and Billing Month on the top header of Invoices and Receipts.
7. Allow a user to auto-creates ‘Receivable’ ledger of newly added income ledger.
8. Added new receivables ledger. ‘Club House Income Receivable’, ‘Non-Occupancy Income Receivable’, ‘Membership Income Receivable’, ‘Miscellaneous Income Receivable’, ‘Society Parking Income Receivable’
9. Added search options in the ledger section to quickly navigate to the required ledger.
10. The comma-separated amount in all reports for better readability.
11. Added member name in defaulters reports and in payment collection schedule reports.
12. Added flat status in member status reports. It is now a flatwise report.
13. Allow the flat members to download staff attendance from the flat staff list.
14. Added automatic mobile number verification while user sign-up into the system.
15. Allow Admin / Accountant to change due date of manual flat bills.
16. Allow Admin / Accountant to change the invoice date of any bill.
17. Use unique names for file downloads. This issue is observed with few devices.
18. Performance and stability improvements.
19. Bug fixes.

Visitor Management Enhancements
1. Verify the Visitor mobile number before they enter the premises through mobile OTP verification.
2. Residents can approve or reject visitors in real-time.
3. Added the switch to allow or disallow the Gatekeeper to view Society vehicles.
4. Force the staff exit through fingerprint only. System supports Biometric scanning to mark attendance of staff through fingerprint scanning using our plug and play hardware.
5. Restrict past data access to Gatekeeper. The default is 5 days. You can change it from Visitor Management –> Settings section.
6. Do not allow adding duplicate visitor entry if visitors still in society.
7. Select multiple flats for visitor’s entry. This is required for Delivery boy or courier person.
8. Various other bug fixes and enhancements.

New Feature: Federated Society (Also referred to as Central and State Government concept or Parent-Child concept).
1. Introducing Federated societies where each block of a society is an independent RWA society.
2. Easy to configure Parent-child relationship for federated societies.
3. Automatic configuration of Visitor management for federated society. This is required for societies having multiple blocks with independent RWA but their society gate is common.
4. Parent society staff visible to child society.
5. Parent society gatekeeper can make visitor entries for child society flats.
6. Individual Accounting Reports can be generated for the federated society which means Parent society can track their own income and expenses.
7. Parent society General Ledger’s report contains data for child society which means Parent society can see the child society’s income and expenses trends.


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