New Features Released on 13th January 2020

Updates and Releases

Dear Member,

Greetings from Neighbium!

We have released the new version of the App today with an improved User interface of Apartment view, Integration with BHIM UPI, more Powerful Staff Management section along with newly added Reports in excel format.

Below are the recent features and enhancement in our App.

  • Now you can set the cheque clearance date while approving the bill which is in pending verification state.

  • Create custom attributes to the flat like Membership No, Alternate contact number, summary, etc.
  • The system will distinguish the online pay bills based on whether the bill amount is settled in society Bank account or not.
  • The new enhancement is added in the visitor settings to set the exit gate. This feature is useful for societies having more than one gate.
  • Accept partial payment against a specific bill. Open a pending bill and now you can see a new option to Accept partial payment against the bill.

Accept partial Payments

  • Search functionality is added to parking. Now quickly search parking by flat number etc.
  • Faster vehicle search.
  • Improved schedule summary when payment collection scheduled in added or modified.
  • Allow Admin or Manager to add a new vendor or use arbitrary names while making the purchase or expense entry.
  • Added currency settings in society settings UI.

  • Flat member can now like/dislike/add-comment to staff.

  • Added manage flats option in Manage Staff section to add/remove multiple flats of staff.
  • Allow the resident to add new staff to society.
  • Added society member setting to disable online payment received emails. This will also disable payout report mail send to members.

  • Allow management to download bank statements.
  • Allow societies to accept UPI payments. Society UPI is can be specified in bank settings.

  • Added option in facility mgmt to not allow defaulter to book facility.

  • Allow management to set invoice number on expense entry.
  • Performance and stability improvements.
  • Bug Fixes.


Newly Added Reports

  • Allow management to view time spent by a visitor in the society on the visitor report section.
  • Allow management to download the attendance of all staff from the Manage Staff section.



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