New Features Released on 23rd June 2019

New Version released

neighbium new version released in 2019

Dear Member,

Greetings from Neighbium!

We have released the new version of the App today with improved existing functionality, more Powerful Visitors & Staff Management section newly added Reports and Discount section.

Below are the recent features and enhancement in our App.


General Enhancements / Features Addition / Bug Fixes

  1. Users can now directly take and crop photos for Purchases/Journal entries, Society image, Bill secondary Image, Help-Desk Ticket and in Chat section.
  2. Added Form-J for societies in Maharashtra under the Directory section.
  3. Management can now download the Notice read report.
  4. Now Management can send Notices to specific block, flat or owners.
  5. Added timezone and location support for international customers.
  6. Support for Co-Owner, Owner-Family, Tenant-Family while adding members in the flat.
  7. Allow management to disable community tickets from Society Settings.
  8. Allow management to download Attendance sheets during society meetings.
  9. Allow users to download Invoice even after payment made. Both Invoice and Receipt can be downloaded.
  10. Allow user to specify Paid On the date when using Pay from advances.
  11. Allow facility floor number when the facility is not part of any block.
  12. Admin can now see the society level facility bookings in date range instead of just one day.
  13. Allow users to book facilities directly from My Bookings. Added Booked By Name and flat number to facility booking history.
  14. Allow admin to hide Vendors from residents from the Directory section.
  15. Performance and stability improvements


Accounts & Payment Collection Enhancements

  1. Users can now directly take and crop photos for expense entries in the Purchases and Journal entries section.
  2. Added the Interest Received action under Accounts Section.
  3. Configure item name for Late Payment through Bill Settings. Change the late payment to penalty or interest as per your society norms.
  4. Allow late payment charges up to 4 decimal places for Import config and Schedule under Payment Collection.
  5. Configure automated payment reminders from Bill Settings under Payment Collection.
  6. Management can send manual bill reminders from Pending Payments
  7. Support for tags in the Import data template.


Discount Configuration

  1. Fully automated discount for advance payments. You can configure the Discount from Payment Collection –> Configure Discount.
  2. Configure multiple discounts for Residents, to pay annual, half-yearly or quarterly amount with discounted prices.
  3. The resident can claim discounts from My Bills section.
  4. Admin can now able to give discounts to flats members while generating bills through Raise New Flat Bills section.
  5. Admin also has the privilege to add the discount for outstanding bills.


Visitor Management Enhancements:

  1. Added support for Expected Visitors. Now Residents can add the expected visitors from My Visitors section of the App.
  2. Automated alerts to Gatekeeper and Management committee, if courier boy or delivery person takes more than expected time. You can configure this from Visitor Management –> Settings sections.
  3. Added new visitors types: Delivery, Courier, Society Members, Water Tanker or School Bus.
  4. Flat list on visitor entry auto-resize on search. Gatekeepers can also search on member names.
  5. Added gatekeeper settings to enable / disable gate number at Visitor Entry.
  6. Generate filtered visitor reports under the Visitor Register section. Download and share a report at any time.
  7. The new interface in the Gatekeeper view for Staff Entry and Exit.


Staff Management Enhancements:

  1. New interface to add staff to society.
  2. Allow admin to Add staff without mobile number.
  3. Added Gender, Staff Id, Role, Alternate contact number while adding / updating staff.
  4. The society staff list is sorted name wise.


Newly Added Reports

  1. Added vehicles report in the Society Vehicles section.
  2. Added Form J report in Society Directory
  3. Allow management to download Notice Read status report
  4. Generate filtered visitor reports under the Visitor Register section.
  5. Generate filtered bills report under Payment Collection section.
  6. Added reports for facility bookings.
  7. Added Cash and Bank transactions report in the General Ledger section under Accounts.
  8. Allow users to download Invoices/Receipts in bulk from Payment Collection > Actions > View Bills.



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