Personalized Chat Group


Communication is a central place for your housing society’s discussion. This is heavily used for quick discussion and information broadcasting. Neighbium has now made it more powerful with subgrouping. Now management committee can create a Personalized Chat Group for the Management Committee, Blocks, Owners, and all members.

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Below is a step by step procedure to add personalized chat group.

Step By Step Procedure To Add Personalized Chat Group

Step 1: You Must Be a Society Group Admin to Add visibility of a Group Chat on Neighbium.
Step 2: Go to Neighbium App Dashboard.
Step 3: Click on Messages Today.
Step 4: Tap on “Groups Chat” Tab.
Step 5: Click on the plus icon at the right bottom corner.
Step 6: Give the Chat group Name and Description is optional
Step 7: Click on Visibility. There you will see options like a group is for
* All Members
* All Block Members
* Either Only Management Committee
* All Flat Owners

Step 8: Click on Save Button.
Step 9: The group is visible for the defined people in society.