Roles and Responsibilities of RWA Managing Committee and Members

Roles and Responsibilities of the RWA Managing Committee

Roles and Responsibilities of the RWA Managing Committee and Members

A Cooperative Housing Society runs smoothly only when the managing committee members take complete responsibility of the Society administration.

Managing Committee members are in the true sense the trustees, as members of the Society trust them completely, they are given the charge to look after the welfare of all the members who have elected them to run the Society on their behalf.

Members should sensibly elect only those members to managing Committees in whom they have confidence, who they are sure will follow the provisions of bye-laws, who possess clean financial backgrounds, are knowledgeable, active and have the patience to solve members’ difficulties.

Elected members are happy to be chosen as Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer, but it is also important for them to be aware of their responsibilities. Thus, it is necessary that all office bearers should know their responsibilities and duties individually as per their posts.

There are three Important office bearers in the Society:

1. Honorable Chairman
2. Honorable Secretary
3. Honorable Treasurer

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Roles and Duties of the Honourable Chairman

The Honourable Chairman is the head of the Managing Committee. The Chairman has the power of overall superintendence and control in respect of the management of the affairs of the Society. He has to keep a watch on the entire functioning of the Society. In case of an emergency, the Honourable Chairman has the power to exercise any power of the Managing Committee. He has the final decision power. Without his/her approval, decisions cannot be finalized.


1. To preside over all the meetings of the Managing Committee and General Body. He has the power to guide the Secretary regarding the agenda to be followed. He can also disallow any matter to be taken up in the meeting if he thinks that it will create disorder in the meeting.

2. The Chairman can call the General Body Meeting if the Secretary of the Society fails to call such a meeting and prepare the agenda for the same.

3. To sign and approve the minutes of the meeting.

4 The Chairman has the authority to sign all the contracts with the third party after verifying the authenticity of the contract.

5. The Chairman shall be one of the signatories for the operation of the bank account of the Society along with other members.

6. In case of an emergency, the Chairman is competent enough to exercise any of the powers of the Committee, but it is also his / her duty to record the reasons for any decisions so taken.

Roles and Duties of the Honourable Secretary

The Honourable Secretary has to play a key role and is an important post as an office-bearer. Thus, it is essential to elect a very suitable person for this post as he has to actively participate in almost all the affairs of the Society. He is a planner and executor of the various activities of the Society. The Secretary has to be an all-rounder. He should be able to efficiently manage the Society internally as well as externally.

Due to the vast range of responsibilities, a Joint Secretary can also, be appointed to share the responsibilities with the Secretary. The responsibilities and functions of both the Secretaries shall be joint and several.


1. To accept and verify membership of new members, associate members, and nominal members. To check whether all required forms and documents are attached to the application.

2. To deal with the resignation of members and to give effect accordingly. To keep a proper record of the same in the members individual

3. To issue a share certificate to the members in the prescribed manner within a specific period.

4. To enter Nomination and Revocation thereof in the Nomination Register

5. To deal with complaints made by the members of the society.

6. To take action against defaulters of the maintenance charges.

7. To issue notices and draft agenda of all meetings of the General Body and the Managing Committee.

8. To record the minutes of the General Body And Managing Committee meetings and preserve them as per law.

9. To maintain account books, registers, and other records properly and keep them in his custody.

10. To carry out an audit of accounts. To check the Balance Sheet, Income and Expenditure Statement, make proper provisions and get it audited. After auditing, distribute the same to all the members with the notice and agenda of the Annual General Body Meeting.

11. If required, it is the duty of the Secretary to produce the records before a higher authority with the consent of the Chairman.

12. To prepare an Audit Rectification Report in respect of general remarks received from the Auditor and to ensure that the shortcomings are practically rectified and reported accordingly to the registering authority.

13. To inspect the property of the Society and carry out repair work if required.

14. To appoint people for proper management of the Society like security personnel, sweepers, water tank cleaners, etc.

15. The Secretary has to fulfill all responsibilities as prescribed under the MCS Act 1960 and Rules 1961 and the bye-laws of the Society He is also responsible for fulfilling the duties as directed by the Managing Committee and General Body meetings.

Roles and Duties of the Honourable Treasurer

The Treasurer has a crucial role in all the financial management aspects of the Society.


1. To bifurcate the maintenance charges as per the expenses and budget planned by the Society. To take the approval of the Managing Committee and members of the General Body before levying charges to the members.
2. To manage the bank accounts of the Society, statutory registers and other records if the Secretary fails to do so or if the Managing a committee so decides.
3. To prepare, sign and issue cheques to laborers, contractors and service providers. To maintain cash and cheque payment vouchers date wise and duly signed. It is a common responsibility of all members of the Managing Committee to attend the monthly Managing Committee Meeting and in case it is not possible to attend the meeting due to any reason, then give an application in writing and get it acknowledged by other authorized members.

It is a common responsibility of all members of the managing committee to attend the monthly  Managing Committee meeting and in case it is not possible to attend the meetings due to any reason, then give an application in writing and get it to acknowledge by other authorized members.



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