New version of Application Released on 1st May 2020 – Neighbium

Neighbium apartment complex application

New Features and Enhancement with New version Available  – Neighbium Society Management Application

Dear Member,

Greetings from Neighbium!

We have released the new version of the Housing App in India today with improved existing functionality, more Powerful Visitors & Staff Management Verification, more additional functionality in polls and facility booking, and getting more handy on accounts and payment collection sections.

Below are the Recent Features and Enhancement in our Application.

Features Added

Society Settings

  • Ability to add the API key for REST-based access to third parties

Visitor Management Section Enhancement

  • In visitor management settings new option “Play Ringtone on Staff Arrival”
    By default, you will receive a call when a visitor entered but by enabling this option you will receive a notification via ringtone.

Play Ringtone while entering staff


  • Added face recognition based on staff entry- you can allow staff entry by only scanning the face, no need to click on the staff entry button, and search. If data exist it will auto fetch.

face-recognition system

Scan-Face Entry

Polls Section Enhancement

  • Now in Poll Result Settings users can Keep Voting Anonymously, if this button is enabled.

poll to view user choice in poll detailed report


  • Allow user to give custom poll message while voting by enabling the option ”Allow voter to provide the custom message”

Allow voter to provide the custom message


  • Enabled permission to “View Accounts” for the Resident.

Residents can View accounts

New Facility Booking UI with Enhancements

  • Facility booking UI has been redesigned.


  • Allow concurrent booking of the facility—By enabling “Allow multiple bookings of same time slot” we can book specified no. of bookings of the same time slot of the facility.

Multiple booking in same time slot

  • By Enabling the “ Auto-Cancel booking if payment not done “ admin can Auto cancel facility booking in 10-15 min if online payment not done.
  • Admin can define advance booking days.


  • Now admin has the option to fix per user/flat and slot limit for advance booking.

Accounts Section Enhancements

  • Added support for changing the next invoice number and receipt number from bill settings.
  • Ability to set the invoice month of the day while creating/editing schedule.
  • Added support for specifying advance payment amount when settling the bill with Advances.

specifying advance payment amount when settling bill with Advances

  • Added support for the financial year with custom start and end date and Can be changed from Set Opening Balance Dialog.

financial year with custom start and end date and Can be changed from Set Opening Balance Dialog

  • Support for multi-staging late payment charges for schedule.

multi-staging late payment charges for schedule

Notice Section Enhancements

  • Now user groups can opt to send notices to Tenant only.

Notices can be sent to tenants specifically

Chat Section Enhancement

  • Users can now delete chat messages.

Chat can Be deleted from chat section

  • Auto order flat and chat groups when messages received.

Addition in Document Repository Section

  • Neighbium has given “Global Tab” in document Repository section used to place all kind user manual and Neighbium help articles of which are accessible globally by all societies.

Global tab in Document respository


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Hindi localization issue on Redmi phone for a Gatekeeper Management
  • Renamed Helpdesk to Society Help-Desk
  • Show flat number along with the name of a person to the gatekeeper in visitor approval entry
  • Fixed incorrect flat area while editing flat details
  • Fixed society parking load issue.
  • Fix: Long chat messages getting truncated when the Main dashboard already open
  • Renamed ledger “Advance Income” to “Advance Received from Members”
  • Now it will not create payable by default when new expense ledger added
  • Fix: show Partial bill instead of the actual bill when clicked from history.



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