Top 10 Benefits of having an Online Society Management Solution

Top 10 benefits of having an Online society management solution

Top 10 benefits of having an Online society management solution


When people live in housing societies, they need to share the responsibility to handle functional stuff such as bill payment, upkeep, and maintenance of the property, security, and legalities. Large Villas have several buildings with hundreds of apartments, it’s become really difficult for the resident welfare association to efficiently manages the community issues and resolves everyone’s problems promptly. Since these are time-consuming factors, people search for efficient methods such as Online society management solutions. Using these society management solutions, the management committee can manage the day to day operations of the societies and these are ideal for small, large, and medium societies. Whenever people manage societies using these society management solutions, they develop a process in the system which saves time and money.

Managing residential societies using these Online society management solutions keep all concerned people aware of the events. With sophisticated Email and SMS alerts, instant notification, and contact and document management modules; members discover it convenient and fast.

Using their user-friendly mobile application, the well-being of housing societies can handle the day-to-day community activities with excellent visibility. These include various excellent features that have an amazing ability for making community management simple and hassle-free. Its main benefits are:

  1. Maintenance Payment Schedule: Using this feature, the management committee members can quickly send a generate payment schedule to collect maintenance dues from all apartment owners.
  2. Maintenance Collection: The transaction of the maintenance bill is one of the most important tasks. But, sometimes they don’t get the maintenance bill promptly or sometimes they don’t have lots of time to pay their bills. This Society management Solution provides truly amazing solutions to pay maintenance bills. This also reminds of bill payment by SMS alert. People can pay their maintenance bills using payment gateway by sitting at the comfort of their home and need not search for management people for making their payments. Even, they can also check the status of their maintenance payment and get receipt instantly.
  3. Chat Group & Contacts: A community where various families remain together, the communication gap is one of the most important problems between them. Through My Group & Connections feature, the members can link with other community members, speak to them, and discuss important info with each other effectively.
  4. Domestic Help: The demand for household workers is very common. The community members also need the help of household employees for their family work. But finding reliable family employees can be difficult. With this solution, you can discover the household workers like a housemaid, car washer, cook, etc., at your doorstep. As all the personnel is registered, they will be no protection problems with them.
  5. Stay Connected & Build Bonds: This solution provides an excellent system for its customers to develop powerful and private online communities with their neighborhoods. Through Online Society management Solution, the members can create their user profile, link with other members, speak to them, and share information regarding conferences and festivities, and ultimately develop a powerful connection among areas. Keep the remembrances alive by sharing & viewing all the photographs on one system.
  6. All Urgent Connections at Your Fingertips: Online Society management Solution is the best solution in the situation of emergency. It has all the nearby emergency numbers and you can immediately link to the right person, at the ideal time.
  7. Publish Notice for Your Society: Resident welfare association can publish notice and reach all members instantly. RWA can also see how many members have read the notice. Society members will get instant notification and email to read and follow the instruction mentioned in the notice.
  8. Expand Your Social Networks: Online Society management Solution provides a wide system to community members, to link with each other, talk, discuss, and become friends. Just with a single click, you can simply link with other community members and can develop a powerful connection with them online community.
  9. Move-In and Shift Out: One of the most interesting features which help in the approval procedure of the renters within the community, It’s here that the proprietor delivers a message through the cellular application about a renter moving in and submissions whatever necessary documents are available with him.. On re-locate of renter, the relocate is visited and the approval procedure of the renter is started along with the required guidelines.
  10. Mobile App: In today’s digital era, everyone is having a smartphone. Resident welfare associations can quickly track every aspect of society management at their fingertips. Online Society Management Solution is a boom to manage today’s modern society.


The Online society management solution not only satisfies the requirement to effectively manage operations of the residential society but also provides opportunities to link with various people and enjoy communication with neighboring societies.


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