Top benefits of Communicating with Neighbouring Societies

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Top benefits of communicating with Neighbouring Societies

Despite the increasing importance of social networks, there exists a communication gap between neighboring societies and apartment communities which are in close proximity to each other. We don’t mind having hundreds of unknown friends in our social network circle but we hardly know our peer neighbors dwelling close by who may have common interest areas like ours, such as plays and sports, movies, events, etc. We find it difficult to name or recall that we have actually met in our local neighborhood or neighboring societies. While social networks have helped people to meet like-minded contacts online, they do not play any constructive role in developing better communities and societies.


Society management tools with an inter-society communication feature can bridge this gap to build better communities and act as a catalyst for neighborhood interaction, co-operation, and social action. These tools can play a constructive role in supporting and mobilizing neighboring societies to encourage community action together and help change people’s habits living in societies. For example, an apartment resident, registered with the society management tool can initiate the drive for cleanliness, organize local litter pickups while other society members can join the drive. Society members can start collecting photos of litter in their areas and share them within the society management tool which can spark off a conversation and urge people to take action.


If neighborhoods join hands and start taking measures for the progress of their societies, together they can inspire more people to get involved in community life and bring a change for the better. So these tools help create a proactive environment so that residents who are upset about the things wrong in their society such as litter, environmental pollution or other household matters concerning electricity, water supply, etc can take social action as a way of achieving their goals.


When neighbours or friends around will join an initiative, other residents too will feel inspired to join the drive and that’s human nature. These people soon start spreading the word and more neighbours would come forward to support the initiative. This is how these tools build momentum which could snowball and benefit the community further by encouraging society residents to collaborate and create a positive difference. They help apartment residents to raise and debate local issues in a transparent manner, provide a channel and encouragement for apartment residents to get collectively involved in civic and community issues.


Together we can achieve a lot but the sad part is that societies have failed to realize the potential of community action. Neighbium is a one-stop-shop for all kinds of society communication. It is one of the best products featuring Inter-Society Communication that allows residents in one society to connect and communicate with peers in other neighbourhoods and societies. With Neighbium, users from one society can connect and communicate with users from another society to discuss and solve important issues and even challenge them for games and sporting events. It has an intuitive interface that makes interaction with neighbouring societies, not just easy but a lot of fun.


Society members can actively participate in the ongoing discussions exploring more people who have common interests as theirs. Basically, societies can do just anything in groups. They can discuss common environmental concerns or other issues in their area and residents can freely share their opinion within the app, suggestions can be gathered and collective action can be implemented. Everybody can participate irrespective of socio-demographic backgrounds and we build a society with a sense of belonging.


Neighbium is relatively easy to use technology for community engagement. Unlike verbal conversation with friends or neighbors that don’t last, all discussions which take place within the app are documented, lasting in the minds of residents. Issues can be revisited from time to time via discussion threads and progress can be monitored. At Neighbium, we desire to build a happy society blessed with inter-connected neighbors.


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