Track Members Entry and Exit in Residential Society


Track Members Entry and Exit in Residential Society

Upon so many request from management committee to introduce the feature to track the movement of residents IN and OUT of society. Neighbium has brainstorm this idea and come up with simplest solution yet powerful to easily track all resident of the society.

This feature help management committee to know how many residents are inside the society gate and how many residents are outside. This feature is also applicable for societies who wants to apply the night tracking, for instance 9pm to 9am.

How Members Entry and Exit works

Member In and Our information can be entered in 2 ways.

First is by clicking on the member’s entry button as highlighted in the below image.



After clicking on Member Entry, dialog box appears with members list. Select the member from the list and that’s All!. Application will mark the entry of the resident.

entered society

Second, entering the unique token of the user in the top bar of the screen. Every resident needs to give this token number to the gatekeeper for smooth entry and exit.

Unique token Number is available In View Flat



Similarly, Members Exit can be marked in two ways:

First by clicking on the member’s exit button



Select the member who is exiting the society and Exit is done.

left society

Second, ask the Unique token number from a society member, and Exit is done.


Benefits of Tracking Society Members 

  • Convenient verification of all members IN and Out Time
  • End-to-end management to keep records of Members who are out from the society
  • Smart Management can decline mishappenings in society with the support of their residents.


It is the responsibility of the management of society to ensure the safety of all residents from any incidents or happenings.


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