Active and Non-active Members

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Active and Non-active Members

The housing society must make a list of Active members and Non-active members in the format of J-1 and J-2 at the end of each financial year. You can also refer to Appendix 30 and Appendix 31 in Bylaw’s book for the J1 and J2 forms.

It is commonly observed in societies that members do not participate in Society activities, do not show interest, and/or do not attend General Body Meeting after renting out their flats or purchasing a house as an investment, and flats are kept vacant for years. Some members enjoy the benefits of the Society but do not bother to pay the maintenance charges. For the benefit of the Managing Committee, such members have been classified as Active and Non-active members according to Bye-Law no. 22.

The (c) section of the same bylaw states the definition of the terms Active member and Non-active member.

A member shall be termed as ‘Active Member’ if

  • He has attended at least one General Body Meeting within a consecutive period of five years. Provided that nothing in this clause shall apply to the member whose absence has been condoned by the General Body Meeting of the Society.
  • He has purchased and/or owns the flat / unit in the Society.
  • He has paid the Society maintenance and other charges regularly.
  • A member who is not an ‘Active Member’ shall be a ‘Non-active Member’.

Society needs to classify all the members as ‘Active’ or Nonactive’ members at the closing of every financial year.

The Society shall communicate to every Non-active member about his/her classification, within 30 days from 31st March of every year as prescribed under the bye-laws as per Appendix 31. The communication should be sent by Registered Post Acknowledgement Due / Speed Post / Hand Delivery / Email.

A member who is classified as a Non-active member can file an appeal at the Deputy Registrar Office within 60 days from the date of communication of such classification.

The ‘Non-active’ member can be reclassified as an ‘Active member if He satisfies the conditions laid down under Byelaw no. 22(c).