Golden Rules for Better Living in RWA Society

Golden rules Living in RWA Society

Golden Rules for Better Living in RWA Society

A Resident Welfare Association (RWA) is a body that serves the needs of individuals who live in a community or society. The association is responsible for handling residents’ daily issues, planning activities, handling apartments, and complex amenities.

With hundreds of thousands of families living together in communities of cities, a community of elected officials is necessary to ensure that society is held in time, solve members’ issues, coordinate events, and provide a safe and secure environment for the members.

Now let us see various requirements for better living in RWA  society:

  1. Implement Byelaws with the spirit of cooperation and for better management of society. Society Byelaws are considered as the contract between the society and its members and thus proper implementations of bye-laws will never create disputes between the management committee and the members.
  2. Members should pay the maintenance charges and other dues regularly to avoid a financial burden on society.
  3. Members should attend AGM and SGM of the society with the spirit of unity and cooperation. Members should cooperate with their best thoughts and ideas for the better development of society.
  4. Members should respect the efforts taken by the management committee members.
  5. Should settle disputes related to housing society amicably. Taking the matter to the office of a competent authority is expensive and time-consuming.
  6. All the members should keep the flat and premises clean. Common amenities should be utilized properly.
  7. The committee should take the responsibility to maintain the property of the society and to periodically inspect the property of the society to see if the building needs any repair work.
  8. Preferably, society should mark and name the allotted area for parking. No member shall be entitled to use more parking space than what is allotted to him by the committee on the basis of ‘First Come First Serve Basis’
  9. Members should take previous permission of the committee in writing to make additions and alterations in the flat.
  10. Members should follow the proper procedures before the flat is sublet or transferred.
  11. All the members of the society must obey the rules and regulations of the society regarding the use of common areas, terrace, and facilities of the group.
  12. The managing committee should regularly take guidance and suggestions from the general body on various important matters related to society.
  13. Society should raise maintenance bills as prescribed by bye-laws. It should maintain its accounts. Books of accounts maintained should be proper and systematic and should reflect clear and true affairs of the society. Accounts should be audited annually from Auditor who is approved by the Cooperation Department.
  14. Members should be allowed to inspect books related to accounts thus file it in an organized manner.
  15. Non-Occupancy charges should not be charged more than 10% that of the service charges.
  16. During the transfer of flat, the transfer premium should not be charged more than Rs. 25000/-.
  17. The committee should take steps for executing the conveyance of the property.
  18. Complaints received from members should be solved at the earliest. Members should be helped to live without inconvenience. In big societies managers can be appointed to solve members’ problems.
  19. The members at the time of election must ensure that they elect members who are sincere, dedicated, polite, understanding, and can dedicate time to society. Do not elect members who nurture their own interests and those who have committed financial mismanagement with society funds.
  20. Society members can have joint dinners or picnic or celebrate festivals together. All family members should get involved in the cultural activities of the society.


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