How to Improve Security in a Apartment and Housing Society

Improve Apartment Security System

Improve Apartment Security System


Nowadays, we hear a lot about robbery and other security issues in households. A rapid increase in the crime rate increases fears about the same. Communities or societies require promising security that delivered the protection level for our dearer ones. Each flat member should be alert and take decisive action to protect their society from such incidences. It is very important to keep your family members safe and secure.

Here, Neighbium, an intelligent security cloud-based solution comes into play with a scope of enhancing the existing apartment security level by digitizing the process at the society gates.

This blog will assist you to take necessary preventive steps to maintain safety in your society.

What measures could be taken which intends on solving these problems by educating and strengthening the existing security system apartment?

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Manual logbooks to the Innovative Mobile Interface

From Manual entry and then moving towards the digitization of the visitor entry, Neighbium is the cost-effective solution for implementing visitor security policies that improve security at society or apartment entrances. Automated visitor management systems provide a more professional view, improve security, and satisfy visitor data compliance mandates.

Guest and Visitor’s Verification

Once the data is recorded properly and uniformly. You verify the information of the visitor via OTP to ensure the guest’s data is correct. Also, it gives you the opportunity to pursue the situation of your guests at your premises during your time. You can also search, sort, evaluate, and collect visitor’s information at any time. The number of times you signed in, signed up, and who you are to meet you will be kept in your track.

Visitor Logs Not Enough to Find the Crook

Registers are maintained with an aim to enter the details of a visitor whom they are intended to meet. However, in the case of a mishap, these registers are to be checked with an aim to find the culprit, which is outdated and not enough. So Neighbium takes away this issue by using cloud-based technology to keep a track of visitors in and out. Thus, making the whole system secure with an aim to eliminate human error as much as possible.

Closed Circuit Cameras (CCTV)

Security cameras are frequent installations and should be installed in your building in sensitive or high alert areas. The evidence recorded on CCTV cameras can also be demonstrated by the court of law even in the worst-case situation. Housing providers should therefore not neglect CCTV cameras because of the high level of technological protection they provide in order to provide these facilities despite the high-cost limitations faced by housing communities. An annual maintenance contract is mandatory.

Appointing Security Guards

This is the key aspect of the safety and security of a housing corporation. The management committee of Housing Society should ensure they are properly verified and provide the housing society with an inspection report for the security guard they hire. The safety department should be responsible for the checking of its staff.

The housing society should verify whether the security agency is operating legally and with a safety license. They should ensure that the safety agency and the building management committee themselves conduct proper background checks.


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