Neighbium and FMI Srilanka Tie-up to offer Comprehensive Solution to Residential Societies

Neighbium FMI Srilanka partnership

We are excited to announce, Facilities Management Integrated Pvt Ltd (FMI), a well established and reputed Integrated Facilities Management Services provider in Sri Lanka partnered with Neighbium, a global society management solution provider.

Both companies are committed to delivering a comprehensive solution and enhanced experience to the members of the residential societies. Under this tie-up, FMI, Srilanka will be providing additional services to the clients other than their respective portfolios.


Below are some of the key highlights of the services which are beneficial for residential societies:

  1. Automated Maintenance Billing and Payment Reminders to the residents.
  2. Automated financial report preparation like Income Reports, Expense Reports, Defaulters Report, Cash & Bank Records and Reconciliation.
  3. Improved Communication and Reachability within society. Society Management committee will get to know how many members have read the notice. The system will auto-translate the society Notices to the native phone language.
  4. Visitor Management to improved society security. Neighbium provides smart visitor management solutions to get rid of writing and capturing details in a visitor book, reduce the time and efforts to enroll visitors.
  5. Manage staff Attendance with Bio-metric support. Staff will enter the society gate by placing his/her fingers on the finger scanner and exit the society by placing the finger. The system will auto mark their attendance. You can effectively manage both society and flat staff(s).
  6. Track different types of waste produced by society on a daily basis. Waste (like WET, DRY and E-WASTE) shall be kept Separately so that dry waste can be recycled, wet waste can be composed and E(Electronic)- WASTE can be collected by NGO periodically.

…. and many more.

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